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The 2016 League of Legends World Championship has been a tricky affair to predict. Discount Redskins Jerseys . While South Korea could rise again and North America could stumble like last year, nothing is set in stone. In short, this is currently the most competitive Worlds to date.Thats what makes it so hard to predict. Still, we can give you a glimpse of where the teams stand and who probably will make it out.Unless youre Europe. Abandon all hope, ye who enter there.Group ACounter Logic Gaming The North American squad has had a relatively good go of it so far with a win against both Europes G2 Esports and South Koreas ROX Tigers, but a loss against the wild card Albus NoX Luna of Russia calls into question the focus of the team. Look for Aurelion Sol to be banned all three games against mid laner Choi Huhi Jae-hyun after a decimating game against the Tigers, and for the rematch of the Albus game to be sweet revenge.Albus Nox Luna What a team. The wild card made a statement in its first match against ROX by punching the proverbial bully in the mouth for the first 10 minutes. While it didnt last, it certainly set the tone. Some off-meta picks, like Brand for support and Anivia revisiting the mid lane, are exactly what the team needs to keep other regions on the back foot. Will it last? History says no. Heart says yes. History is usually right.ROX Tigers The dents in the armor showed early when Albus came out to take a 5-2 kill lead and 1k gold lead at 10 minutes. While ROX steeled themselves and easily dispatched the squad past that point, they had a difficult early game against the anemic G2, and ultimately dropped to a clever CLG. The tournament favorites probably arent sweating, but the fans are itching to see some rematches.G2 Esports There is little going for G2 at the moment. Despite having a gleam of hope by being competitive with ROX for a little while, the No. 1 seed from EU seems to still be on vacation. Who could have guessed that when AD carry Jesper Zven Svenningsen said there were two wild cards in his group that he inadvertently meant his team?Prediction: ROX survives and CLG catches on to Albus style to come out of the group. G2 plans its next vacation.Group BSK Telecom T1 Its weird when you watch a two-time World Championship team drop to Taiwans Flash Wolves, which was 0-2 in the group at the time. But again, an Aurelion Sol pick flabbergasted the South Koreans. And where is superstar mid laner Lee Faker Sang-hyeok? Hes eighth in kills (10), shares 26.9 percent of his teams deaths (second highest at Worlds so far for mids), and is 10th in Damage Per Minute at 506. This is still a strong team, its just been... uneventful so far, perhaps overshadowed by the other stories of the tournament. At least its cool to see jungler Bae Bengi Seong-woong again.Cloud9 Another hopeful for North America, Cloud9 did not get off to a good start against SK Telecom, and struggled mightily against Flash Wolves in a 70-minute endurance match. Mid laner Nicolaj Jensen Jensen was a weak link in the SKT match, pushed around until he tilted so far he nearly spun upright again. Top laner Jung Impact Eon-yeong continues to play with a resolve of a dog playing tug of war -- he wont let go of this Worlds unless its of his own volition. Despite the devastating loss and hard-fought FW win, Cloud9 seem to be jelling at the right time.I May The No. 3 seed from China, along with Flash Wolves, is a clear runner to not get out of the group so far. Odd choices are preventing this team from making good plays. The Cloud9 game, for example, saw top laner Shek Amazing J Wai Ho teleporting into four of the enemy teams champions with no backup. Its other loss against SKT saw it take no towers, no dragons and only three kills. Communication seems to be absent, so itll be a tough road for I May.Flash Wolves Theres a phrase that goes, Dont half a-- something, full a-- something. Flash Wolves currently has difficulty closing out its games despite looking good early on, and we cant forget about the great victory against SKT, but its still hard to see them pulling that off again. The Flash Wolves are competitive until they take themselves out of the game and dont capitalize or build on leads.Prediction: C9 survives against I May and FW, while SKT goes 3-0.Group CEDward Gaming Chinas No. 1 seed EDG look horrific in its first game. After Albus put pressure on ROX, people started to think, Maybe Brazilian wild card INTZ will show up as well? And it did. And EDG fell. And every EDG fan in the world wept. And then EDG was fine because it took good wins off of H2k and ahq, despite dragging top laner Chen Mouse Yu-Hao kicking and screaming every game until he gets up to speed. It seems a wake up call was needed, and squad seems to have leveled out ... mostly.Ahq e-Sports Club After INTZ beat EDG, ahq probably huddled and said, That is not going to happen to us. A suffocating victory over the Brazilians with a poke-style comp and a solid, yet slower, win over Europes H2k indicated a more tempered, deliberate style. Is it exploitable? Yeah, probably. Will it be? Yeah, probably. But ahq will still make it out.H2k The Europeans have been infected with a malady. It doesnt look curable, but its transmittable to other EU teams. Somehow, H2k also contracted the vacation virus from compatriots G2, and despite a win over wildcard INTZ, H2k dont look to be up to snuff to take out a galvanized EDG or steady ahq.INTZ What started off so promising has sort of crumbled in our hands. A second wildcard team looking strong? Make no mistake, they still look better than EU as a whole, but the way INTZs last two matches went, it can only really hope to grab a win off of H2k.Prediction Ahq and EDG get out of groups, and H2k drops to INTZ to give the wildcard a second win.Group DTeam SoloMid The game against Chinas Royal Never Give Up was very winnable if Cho Mata Se-hyoung hadnt been in the game. Alas, you cant ban a player, only champions. Still, North American powerhouse TSM looked good against Samsung, capitalizing on the South Koreans indecision and hesitation. Jungler Dennis Svenskeren Johnsen has looked solid all tournament, and the duo of AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng and support Vincent Biofrost Wang in the bot lane seems to have kicked the Worlds jitters. Although, the game against EUs Splyce was a little suspect...Royal Never Give Up RNG lost to Samsung, somehow. Samsung is a team where the wind blows and the team becomes scattered, and RNG are a few dozen tiers above that, so well chalk that one up to hubris. A good win over TSM and a very expected win over Splyce means RNG has a little work to do, especially if legendary support Mata is shut down and unable to make plays. Still, the team is a solid favorite to make it out of groups.Samsung Galaxy Between TSM and RNG, Samsung is a clear third, yet the scrappy and aggressive win against RNG may give fans hope. But then you remember the utter destruction in the TSM game, and youre brought back down to Earth. The squad will finish ahead of Splyce, but no further.Splyce Splyce feels like the EU group that wants to say, No, were not with them, were doing our own thing. And they are. A Kled pick led to some interesting engagements with Samsung, putting the South Koreans on their toes for a little while. The TSM game was solid until the team blew a 6.5k gold lead. And Chres Sencux Laursen leads mid laners at Worlds in kills with 18, which is also fourth overall. Theres something there, but they just cant bring it together.Prediction: Splyce grabs one off of Samsung while TSM and RNG make it to the quarterfinals. Redskins Jerseys Outlet . PETERSBURG, Fla. Cheap Greg Stroman Jersey . -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. . MORITZ, Switzerland -- Fog prevented downhill racers from getting their Olympic dress rehearsal. UNCASVILLE, Conn. -- E.C. Matthews hit two late 3-pointers and finished with 18 points in No. 21 Rhode Islands 76-71 comeback victory over No. 24 Cincinnati on Saturday in the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament.Kuren Iverson added 15 points and 10 rebounds, and Jared Terrell and Hassan Martin each scored 14 points for the Rams (4-0). They will face top-ranked Duke for the championship Sunday.Jacob Evans scored 25 points and Kyle Washington had 23 for Cincinnati (2-1).Rhode Island trailed by 12 points and was down 39-31 at halftime, but took the momentum in the second half.Iverson gave the Rams their first lead with just under 14 minutes remaining, 49-48, with a pair of free throws.But the Bearcats responded by scoring the next six points, and the teams went back-and-forth from there.Matthews 3-pointer from the left corner put Rhode Island up 63-58. His 3-pointer from the other side made it 74-69 with 21 seconds left and the Rams held on to win, despite never leading by more than five points.There was a scary moment in the first half when URI point guard Jarvis Garrett fell hard underneath his teams basket and was taken from the floor on a stretcher.He appeared to hit his head on a cameraman on his way to the ground, snapping his neck back.He lay on the floor being treated for several minutes and was placed in a neck brace before walking under his own power to the stretcher. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.. Cheap Washington Redskins Jerseys. BIG PICTURECincinnati: The Bearcats were playing what amounted to a road game, just 41 miles from the URI campus. The American Conference pre-season favorites will try to bounce back from their first loss of the season on Sunday.Rhode Island: Coach Danny Hurleys team outscored its first three opponents by an average of 90-66, but had to show resilience in this one, battling back from a 12-point first half deficit. No. 1 Duke is a handful the Blue Devils will be playing their third game in less than a week on Sunday and are extremely short on depth because of injuries.POLL IMPLICATIONS:Cincinnati may fall out of the Top 25, but shouldnt be hurt much by an early season loss to the nations No. 21 team, as long as they take care of business Sunday against Penn State.UP NEXTRhode Island is next in line to take a shot at No. 1 Duke. The Blue Devils remain on top until the new poll is released Monday -- despite losing to Kansas 77-75 Tuesday. Duke defeated Penn State in Saturdays first game.Cincinnati gets the consolation matchup in the Hall of Fame Tip-Off and will play Penn State on Sunday. The Nittany Lions could not manage a second-half run and lost to the Blue Devils 78-68 on Saturday.---More AP college basketball: and ;NFL T-shirts From China Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Gear Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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